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About SkyBridge Strategies

SkyBridge's principal, Steve Masnyk, has over 20 years of government relations experience on both sides of the public policy sphere. A network built over those years spans several hundred government officials, federal provincial, and international. These include elected, selected and appointed officials as well as agencies and regulators. In addition a network of international organizations who have direct and indirect influence over Canadian public policy development form part of this network.


Steve most recently worked representing a major segment of the insurance industry where he lead efforts that would favorably negotiate revisions of federal financial institution legislation, spearheaded the regulatory environment which began regulating distribution of insurance in the online world, lead the creation of non-available insurance coverage into a streamlined process. On the international scene, Steve advocated for a decade with the IAIS and the FSB on best practices for the insurance industry in Canada.

Steve has worked on more than 15 political campaigns, for MPs as well as the leader of a federal political party. In the private sector he worked for a foreign government, two chartered banks, and for over a decade representing the insurance industry. Being fluently bilingual, he offers his services throughout all of Canada and has challenged some of the biggest lobby groups in Canada with much success.

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