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Government Relations

Whether you need to find out who the decision-makers are on a specific issue, revisions of legislation, seek regulatory reforms or simply wish to keep an ear to the ground about policy directions that governments may be contemplating in the form of a watching brief, SkyBridge Strategies offers these services. 


These may include an advocacy grassroots campaign, or specific targeted liaison with key decision makers to advance your views. SkyBridge Strategies can provide these to you. We will work closely with you to find out exactly what your needs are on any given issue and develop the most cost effective strategy which will accomplish your goals.



SkyBridge Strategies also offers our clients a research department that provides the combined expertise of over two decades of doctoral level research experience. Successful advocacy is built on factual, relevant, principled position formulation which then can be used as the foundation of any communication with governments.  We understand most organizations don't need full time research capabilities, but when issues arise we offer this expertise to you.

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